Rhode Island Reds

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Pure breed chicken
Average Annual Egg Production: 260
Garden Suitability: High, but prefer space given the choice
Best Features: good pets, easy-going attitude, high egg production

The Rhode Island Red originally comes from the town of Little Compton in the US state of Rhode Island in the late 19th century, and arrived in the UK in the first decade of the 20th century. Although originally developed as a dual purpose bird, the Rhode Island Red’s ability to lay up to 260 eggs per year ensured its popularity with commercial egg farmers. They subsequently cross-bred Rhode Island Reds to create new hybrids, such as the Rhode Island/Sussex cross.

If you had to draw a chicken from memory, chances are, it would look like the Rhode Island Red! It’s the typical chicken shape; deep in the chest, the sort of bird you can tuck under one arm without worry about hurting it. You’ll find this laid-back chicken on farmyards the world over, scratching about with its bright yellow legs, and shaking its rich red feathers in the dust.

Rhode Island Reds may be heavyweights of the chicken world, but they are an active breed. Rhode Island Reds like nothing better than foraging amongst grasses and hedges, and are also surprisingly quiet for their level of activity. These are tough birds that easily cope with British winters, while their active nature and general alertness makes them interesting pets

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